Please note that from January 2016, Ancore incorporated the Thermloc Insulation identity.
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Spray Foam Insulation is suitable in areas where space is limited and is ideal where the foam will be left exposed such as workshops, pig houses, potato and grain stores for thermal insulation and condensation control.

Thermloc's closed cell rigid polyurethane represents a revolution in medium density spray foam insulation and air barrier material.

Among all insulation types, it’s an ideal choice for those who want a more eco-friendly closed-cell spray foam insulation, with a higher U-value, compressive strength and tensile strength than what is commonly offered by open-cell spray foam insulation - balancing environmental goals with structural integrity priorities. It has low vapour permeability.

Spray Foam allows a building to be insulated and air-sealed for superior energy conservation while minimizing environmental impact and stock damage. This will reduce heating or ventilation costs, lowers livestock food consumption, protects crops from frost damage, reduces condensation formation, seals cracks and gaps and helps maintain a constant temperature.

Thermloc spray foam can be applied to a variety of substrates under a range of temperature and humidity conditions.