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Residential - New Build Ballymena

“We wanted to reduce our future energy consumption for our new build bungalow, and utlise all possible living space within the footprint. Thermloc have enabled us to do that and our home is now consistently warm.”

Project: We were engaged by the client to install Spray Foam Insulation into the roof structure of their new build chalet bungalow in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Thermloc were delighted to assist the client to install insulation into their liveable attic space.  The rafters were full filled with foam and left flush to facilitate plaster board.  The spray foam has created an insulated and air sealed upstairs living environment with sloping roof. This attic area in a bungalow now can be used as a liveable environment, unlike with traditional insulation which only allows the attic to be used for storage space.

Spray foam minimizes the air leakage from this environment, which in turn enables the home to be accurately regulated to the preferred chosen temperature of the inhabitant.

Installing the spray foam into the high vaulted ceilings enables architectural flare to be unhindered and users to enjoy the space of the structure to its fullest extent.