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Shed - Agricultural Machinery Workshop

“We needed to control the working environment and prevent condensation forming on the tin roof structure. Thermloc were able to assist so that our products and service will not be diminished in any weather conditions in the future.”

Project: The service and maintenance of machinery can only be undertaken inside large premises. These are usually made from metal and in the cold Northern Ireland climate condensation is prone to form on the underside of such roofs. Thermloc were delighted to assist the client from Banbridge, County Down solve the issue of condensation risk by the supply and installation of spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation ideal for zinc buildings because it does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s that can cause metal corrosion.  Spray foam will not trap any moisture or chemicals between the foam and metal.

The application of the spray foam to the underside of the tin shed helps minimize outside airborne sounds – such as when it rains outside the indoor working environment will remain quiet and enable workers to hear and communicate normally.