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Commercial - Warehouse and Showroom

“The opportunity to update the warehouse & showroom into a more comfortable working environment was made possible by Thermloc using spray foam insulation.”

Project: Thermloc were delighted to assist the client in a time restricted project to convert the existing car showroom located in Antrim into a storage warehouse and joinery workshop. The environment was not originally controllable and the client approached Thermloc to review and provide a solution.  Closed cell spray foam insulation was applied to the underside of the asbestos roof and perspex rooflights.

Spray foam was chosen for this building because of its ease of installation, the comfort it creates in an indoor environment and the long-term benefits of investment.

Insulating the building requires control of both conductive and convective heat flow.  Spray foam is both a conductive insulation and air barrier in one. The expanding characteristics of this spray foam insulation ensured that all penetrations in the building envelope were effectively sealed.