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Residential - Attic Retrofit

“Thermloc were very thorough and attentive from the first consultation through to installation, I would recommend their service to anyone wishing to insulate their home.”

Project: The client following prolonged years of putting up with excessive heat loss from the home in Glengormley, County Antrim contacted Thermloc to provide a solution. Due to the excessive energy bills required to bring the home up to a comfortable temperature, only to be lost as soon as the heating system is turned off; forced the client to source the best insulation solution available for her home.

Spray foam was installed between the rafters in the attic from the apex of the roof down to the eaves to create a warm attic space. This one step spray foam insulation and air barrier sealed all the gaps and crevices that compromised airtightness and that were causing high-energy costs.

Now the client can regulate the living environment temperature inside the home no matter what the weather conditions are outside, and the sentimental belongings stored in the warm attic space can now be stored safely for many more years to come.