Please note that from January 2016, Ancore incorporated the Thermloc Insulation identity.
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Thermloc Spray Foam Insulation is the ideal choice for boat, ship and barge insulation. As spray foam insulation is lightweight the unique nature of the foam substance is applied in a liquid form to the uneven surface of the hull or roof which then expands to the required thickness. This application results in a continuous membrane being achieved, therefore filling in all gaps, eliminating draughts and any further possibilities of conducting cold air or condensation.

Thermloc have experience in insulating boats and are able to advise on the possibility of insulation applications depending upon each clients specific requirements. The benefits associated with insulating boats with Thermloc are; prevents condensation forming on shell/hull, reduces noise and vibrations from engines, reduces temperature extremes, long lasting product without degrading and begins performing as soon as installed.