Please note that from January 2016, Ancore incorporated the Thermloc Insulation identity.
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Spray and Pour Foam Insulation is suitable for residential and commercial projects in both existing and new builds, where the property needs to be highly insulated and requires an air barrier system to prevent heat loss and ensure condensation control.

Thermloc as a company have become synonymous utilising numerous polyurethane products within the insulation industry to achieve the optimal performance with either open or closed cell polyurethane depending upon the required performance of the insulation and air barrier solution.

Among all insulation types, spray foam is the only choice for those who want an eco-friendly breathable spray foam insulation, with a greater U-value, sound reduction, more flexibility, lighter density, environmentally friendly products than what is commonly offered by other traditional insulations.

Thermloc balances environmental goals with structural thermal integrity priorities. Spray Foam has low vapor permeability and excellent thermal resistance.

Spray foam allows any building, even the most unusual designs, to be insulated and air-sealed for superior energy conservation while minimizing environmental impact. Thermloc can apply to a variety of surfaces under a range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Cavity Wall Insulation for Hard-To-Treat Properties
Thermloc are approved installers of Cavity Wall Insulation and Wall Stabilisation Injection Foam. This unique solution is an all in one BBA Approved Wall-Tie Replacement Structural Stabilisation and Thermal Insulation Solution for Hard-To-Treat and Non Standard Cavity walls. This solution has also passed BRE Flood resilience test requirements for homes in Flood Risk Areas.

Closed Cell Cavity Injection Foam is the premium choice for buildings today. It will reduce energy loss from each treated property which will save heating costs over the lifetime of the building. Cavity Wall installation is guaranteed by BUFCA warranty and is only installed by Thermloc's BBA Approved Installers.